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March 14, 2013
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I POLICE I THE HORRYINDEPENDENTICONWAY, S.C. B3 MARCH 14,2013 - Angry son A Conway mom told i police her 18-year-old got 'Triad when she called his )school. She says he giumped up and hit her in he head numerous times -ith his closed fist. ; According to a Conway police report, the teen told aolice he hit his mother in . lhe head with his fist and ('laurt his thumb in the rocess. : Police took him to the 'hospital for treatment ;'before taking him to jail. ; According to the police report, on the way to the iail, the teen told the )oliceman that if his ;mother didn't drop the ;charges against him, he ;would finish what he start- ;ed and "beat her brains ;outta her head." ', He was charged with  . :third-degree assault. !:Alcohol/drug incidents !:i Conway police found :a vehicle partially sub- :!merged in a pond on Wild Wing Boulevard when they arrived to check on a report of a motor vehicle accident at about 2 o'clock on a recent morning. The man at first told police his son was driving the vehicle in the accident and had caught a ride home. According to a Conway ', police report, the man : then changed his story and ' said he was driving. : The policeman says the , man's clothes were all wet :'and he had fresh injuries ion his face.' : According to the police ilreport, he was slurring his i words and smelled of alco- hol. : Police say he performed iPrly on field sobriety :.tests and was charged with :driving under the influ- ence and was taken to the :jail for a breath test. He :refused to give a breath or ;urine sample. : He was booked into jail. .. A Loris man was i ,arged with driving :r.#nway pouce were ca,ea ;  vehk;lOr,aC,,G,'t:g ::.... driver has a concealed Burgess man charged with assaulting police officer and stealing her weapon BY HEATHER GALE HEATHER.GALE@MYHORRYNEWS.C OM Horry County police have charged a Burgess man with attacking a police officer and barri- cading himself in his home with a police officer's weapon Saturday. Gary Kenneth Stegall, 64, of Myrtle Beach was charged Sunday in con- nection with Saturday's stand off in the Weslin Creek Subdivision, accord- ing to Horry County police spokesperson Sgt. Robert Kegler. Stegall is charged with criminal domestic vio- lence of a high and aggra- vated nature, pointing and presenting a firearm, assault and battery of a high and aggravated natuxe, use of weapon dur- ing a violent crime, assault on a law enforcement offi- cer and taking gun from law enforcement, accord- ing to information provid- ed by Horry County police. According to a police report, the responding officer was called to the home to help Stegall's wife get some personal items. The report says the woman left the home the night before due to an altercation. When the responding officer and the wife arrived at the home, they saw StegaU park a moped in the front yard, go in the house and lock the front door. The responding officer and Stegalrs wife tried to knock on the door so the wife could enter, but Stegall would not let her in, the report said. The report says Stegall COURTESY Negotiations with a man who allegedly barricaded himself in his home with a police officer's gun took more than an hour before he surrendered to police. woman she could legally enter the home by any means necessary, but she, as a police officer, could not. The woman used her house key to enter the home and a few minutes later came out with bags of personal items. At this time, according to the report, Stegall came toward the front door with a shotgun. Stegall started swearing at the officer and his wife to leave his proper, according to the reportl In the report, the officer said the gun was pointed right at her. The officer retreated to her patrol vehicle and called for backup. The report says Stegall went toward his wife's car and used a small knife to cut the tires on the car. When the officer saw then pointed his shotgun at the officer and started walking toward the officer screaming, "Go ahead and shoot me," and "You will have to kill me." As Stegall approached the officer, the report says the officer fired several shots toward the subject, but did not hit him. The report says the policewoman fired three or four shots toward' the subject before her gun jammed. Stegall then allegedly hit the officer several times in the face, according to the report. The report says the policewoman dropped her gun to the ground and attempted to get the weapon away from Stegall. The report says there was a physical struggle and the officer was able to get the gun away from Stegall. She tried to strike him with etdyeL,",hfs, , tt Ste.Kal]'sweaporwq , ikHgweye, Steeall took olmng m nere, anu ' dogma, the policewoman "th' t;olideCvomar/'s'gtln " : :',,S h in:my ...... ,: ......... drew herweapon and ......... -:: and.herbodyphope .... Th6 6fficgr toilS're :, : lne rep6rtshs Slg " l'hOusE tlae r Stegall refused to come out of his house for some ame and the Horry County Police SWAT team was called in, the report says. After about an hour of negotiations, StegaU sur- rendered to police, accord- ing to the report. The officer told emer- gency medical workers that she had significant pain on the left side of her face, and they saw that it was red and swollen. Stegall is still in custody at J. Reuben Long Dete- ntion Center awaiting a :meapons permit and had a " :'gun in his waistband. , The pbliceman says he :asked the driver if he had imarijuana in his vehicle ...... ' iand he said no. The driver :then allegedly told the policeman he had smoked ;marijuana about an hour :before the accident, ;according to a Conway :police report. : The man performed ',poorly on field sobriety :tests and told the police- iman he had marijuana in fiis pocket. , The policeman says he ;found a clear plastic bag ',holding .05 grams of a ,green leafy substance in lhis pocket and a multi-col- ,ored glass pipe in the same '.pocket. The policeman took the "man to the Conway Emergency Room after he complained of pain in his i.left arm. The driver refused to 'give a breath sample or a blood sample. He was taken to jail. jkfter that the policeman :found that the driver had a rior conviction for driv- ;ing under the influence, so his charged was elevated ,to DUI, second offense, !simple possession of mari- luana and possession of "drug paraphernalia. A young Conway man was in the parking lot at Encore Bar on. Church Street when police were Called to check on a per- son distributing narcotics .and possibly carrying a firearm. The young Conway man yelled across the parking lot to the person whom police had detained. According to a Conway police report, police say the man was interfering .With their investigation, so Several times they asked him to stay back. Police say the man could barely talk and refused several times to step away from the officers at the officers and at sev- eral other customers. He was charged with public intoxication and was taken to jail. A Conway man was charged with driving under the influence after a policeman says he saw him make a right turn into ' Wild Wing without using a turn signal. According to the Conway police report, the car's tag light was not Working. The policeman says the man smelled of alcohol and was slurring his speech. The man performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken in for a breath test. He registered .11 and was taken to jail. A young Surfside Beach man was arrested after a Conway policeman says he saw him traveling 10 mph above the speed limit on S.C. 544. The polic.eman says the driver pulled his pickup truck over at the Kangaroo station and, as the police- man watched, moved for- ward in the seat and over to the passenger side, which the policeman found suspicious. He says he went to the car and found all four win- dows rolled down and he smelled marijuana, according to a Conway police report. The driver told the policeman he wanted to be honest with him. He said he had just smoked some marijuana, but that it was all he had. According to a Conway police report, the driver then handed the cop a cup holder ashtray that held loose tobacco and 12 already smoked blunts. A second officer arrived and the two searched the driver and found a pock- etknife in his pocket and a small bag holding a green leafy substance in another during the investigation, pocket. They say he was unsteady ' One of the officers found On his feet and kept yelling two shotgun shells in the Irl'il t l ...... truck, along with five bags and a blunt holding a green leafy substance. According to the police report, the green leafy sub- stance weighed 25.5 grams. According to the police report, the driver told police on the way to the jail that he was on the way to Conway to sell the pack- aged marijuana to his friends. He also allegedly told police that he would tell them where he got the marijuana if they would make a deal with him, according to the report. He was charged with speeding and possession with intent to distribute marijuana. Conway police found . a man standing in the road at U.S. 701 north and Boundary Street at about 5:20 a.m. Sunday. According to a Conway police report, the young man was unsteady on his feet and had a strong odor similar to an alcoholic beverage. According to the report, the young man told the policeman he had been drinking alcohol and was trying to get hom e . The young man appeared to be disoriented and didn't realize he was standing in the road, according to the report. Police arrested and searched him and found a set of brass knuckles in his pocket. He was charged with public drunkenness and carrying a concealed weapon. A Little River man was stopped by an Horry County policeman near Coastal Centre SaturdaEat about 8:30 p.m. after he says he saw him weaving in and out of his lane and almost hit the curb. The county policeman called a city policeman to administer field sobriety tests after he saw that the man was sluggish, moved slowly and had watery red eyes. After performing poorly on the field sobriety tests, the man was taken in for a breath test. He registered .23 and was taken to jail. He was issued a ticket for open container because he had an open beer can in his center console and was also charged with driving under the influence. A Conway teen and a slightly older Conway man were arrested after Conway police say they saw a car almost hit anoth- er vehicle at the red light at Church Street and El Bethel Road. According to the Conway police report, a passenger in the car appeared to be nervous so police searched him and found a plastic bag in his front left pocket with white residue inside. When the policeman asked him not to put his hands in his pocket, the suspect took off running, accord- ing to a Conway police report. The policeman caught him just feet away. The policeman says he saw a plastic bag holding a green leafy substance in front of the rear tire. The policeman also says he found a handgun under the passenger seat. The teen was charged with carrying a concealed weapon and the older man was charged with posses- sion of marijuana.. Conway police were called to Doctors Care on Church Street to check on a possible psychiatric female in the parking lot. When police arrived the woman was in the lobby walking around talking with patients. A doctor told the police- man that he went outside and spoke with the woman who told him to leave her alone that she was just smoking crack. Then she came into the lobby where she yelled at people and scared a small child who had to be taken out of the lobby and into bond hearing. The State Law Enforce- ment Division (SLED) is investigating the police- woman's use of her firearm, according to Thom Berry with SLED. Duringthe standoff, families in the neighbor- hood were asked to stay in their homes and the roads are closed. Police were called to the home in December for a report of a lisltte, erd-:  ingto'i[heepR. -- ; the examining area through the back door. The policeman says when he spoke with the woman, she got loud and asked why she had to. She went outside and the policeman says he smelled alcohol. According to a Conway police report, she contin- ued to be loud and started getting aggressive by clinching her fist and grit- ting her teeth. . She was charged with public disorderly conduct and was taken to jail. A young Conway man was stopped by a Conway policeman Friday at about 4:45 p.m. after the police- man says he saw him speeding on 16th Avenue. The driver told the policeman he doesn't have a driver's license, so the policeman arrested him for driving without a license. A second officer arrived to inventory the vehicle so it could be towed. The sec- ond officer says he found a pill bottle holding five bags of a green leafy sub- stance. A sixth bag holding a green leafy substance was found in the pocket of a jacket that was lying on the backseat. According to a Conway police report, the young man told the policemen he didn't know the marijuana was in the .vehicle. The driver was charged with no driver's license and a hold was placed for warrants for possession with intent to distribute marijuana, according to a Conway police report. The green leafy sub- stance weighed 8.8 grams, according to a Conway police report. Horry County jail logs list a single charge of driv- ing without a license for the suspect. Strange attack A young Conway area woman told police she was walking on Brown Drive when a teen skated past her without saying any- thing. A short time later, she stopped at a neighbor's home to let the children play. When she walked out into the front yard of the home, she saw the teen again. According to a Conway police report, he walked up and asked if her name was Brittany. When she said no, he hit her in the face with his fist. The second time he hit her, she fell to the ground. He got on top of her and pinned her legs under his. She says he swiped repeatedly in a slicing motion at her neck with what looked like an X-acto art knife. She told police she kicked and yelled for him to get off of her because he was cutting her. She says he shouted obscenities at her, saying she had stolen things from his girlfriend. He jumped up off of her and jumped around in front of her before turning and running down the road. The young woman said she didn't know her attack- er, and neither she nor any of her friends had ever seen him before. Police say she had visi- ble cuts on her neck, but she declined medical (ar3atsc !i  iher," sh?s h e got her kids and walked to the Kangaroo station where she called police. According to the police report, there were no wit- nesses to the attack. The young woman's boyfriend picked up her and took her to the Conway Medical Center Emergency Room. Three strikes Police stopped a vehicle after they saw that a car on Ninth Avenue and Hickory Circle didn't have a work- ing tag light. According to a Conway police report, a passenger in the car told police they could search him. They say they found a plastic bag with marijuana residue on it. The policeman says while he was searching the man he cursed him. He says he asked him what he said and he said, "Nothing." The policeman then warned him to watch his language. According to the police report, the man said the same thing a few minutes later. The policeman says he told him then that it was his last warning. The teen then said the same thing a third time, so the policeman charged him with possession of drug paraphernalia and using profanity in public. Turkey Seaon Starts April 1 Dealer Class 3 Transfers Dealer Bnm00umO. Available THE RIVERTOWN GUN DEPOT SPORTING GOODS . 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